Basics on European Social Law

Basics on European Social Law

von: Christina Hießl

Linde Verlag Wien Gesellschaft m.b.H., 2014

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Basics on European Social Law


The present book sets out - in a concise manner - the social law of the European Union. It covers all core areas of European labour law, as well as the coordination of social security. Apart from regulation based on the EU's competence in social policy and the free movement of workers and other citizens, the book refers to other fields of EU regulation which typically lead to clashes between the member states' national social law and the relevant EU norms. Extensive reference is had to case law, which continues to have a paramount role in shaping the law as it stands.

The book is primarily aimed at students confronted with European social law for the first time. Besides, it should be of help also to law practitioners in the rising number of cases where EU law is of relevance.

Mag. Christina Hießl, Bakk. LLM, is a university assistant, lecturer and doctoral student at the WU Wien - Vienna University of Economics and Business.