Bare Essentials - The ALDI Story

Bare Essentials - The ALDI Story

von: Dieter Brandes, Nils Brandes

Linde Verlag Wien Gesellschaft m.b.H., 2019

2. Auflage

Format: PDF, OL

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Bare Essentials - The ALDI Story


What makes ALDI so special? Take a look behind the Curtain
A retailer with an extremely limited assortment and the lowest prices in the market conquers the world with an extraordinary business model and generates Billions in sales and unusual high profits. ALDI does everything differently, ignores the so-called ”Best Practices“, has no marketing department, refrains from promotions, is run by a management without any incentive and bonus packages and ignores the press.
What is it that makes ALDI so special? What are the essentials of the ALDI system? What’s the corporate culture like? What are the methods of management? What kind of organization does ALDI have? What can anyone from any industry learn from ALDI?
This book explains what ALDI’s excellence is based on and how consistency, ascetism and discipline created one of the most successful grocery chains.
This new edition also describes how ALDI has changed in recent years after the founders passed away and a new generation of managers took over. ALDI’s successful business model and management practices are at stake. ALDI is about to become more and more ordinary.

Ehemaliger, langjähriger Geschäftsführer und Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates von Aldi-Nord. Als Autor von Büchern zur Unternehmensführung schrieb er die Bestseller 'Konsequent einfach - Die Aldi-Erfolgsstory' und 'Einfach managen'. In der Türkei entwickelte er mit 'BIM' die erfolgreichste Aldi-Kopie.